Hello !

   I'm an artist since I'm a teenager and I have, over the years, developed different ways of expressing myself : drawing, painting, collage, photography, but also writing and sewing !


   What inspires me ? My environment ! The real one as much as the virtual one, in other words nature as well as the Internet ! There is so much beauty in the world ! I hope you see it and love it as much as I do !


   Until now, I have produced dozens of figurative India ink drawings and abstract artworks, published photos of surfing in international magazines, taken part in exhibitions and meetings with authors, given classes during creative workshops, filled plenty of personal travel notebooks and written the three books "Jardin de récif : sur la trace des premiers surfeurs tahitiens", "Capteurs de rêves aux fenêtres éclairées..." and "Marcher, observer, s'inspirer... pour créer ses propres motifs textiles".


   My plans ? To create lots of new artworks and share them with you !

   See you soon, then !