Hello !

   I'm an artist since I'm a teenager and I have, over the years, developed different ways of expressing myself : drawing, painting, collage, photography, but also writing and sewing !


   What inspires me ? My environment ! The real one as much as the virtual one, in other words nature as well as the Internet ! There is so much beauty in the world ! I hope you see it and love it as much as I do !


   Until now, I have produced dozens of figurative India ink drawings and abstract artworks, published photos of surfing in international magazines and written the three books "Jardin de récif : sur la trace des premiers surfeurs tahitiens", "Capteurs de rêves aux fenêtres éclairées..." and "Marcher, observer, s'inspirer... pour créer ses propres motifs textiles".


   My plans ? To publish lots of new books !


   See you soon, then !